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Volume loss and contouring appointment


HA Dermal Fillers, a non-surgical way to sculpt and shape the natural contour of the face and gently correct folds and wrinkles caused by volume loss.

These prices have been removed due to regulations. Please note that Volumising treatments will not be undertaken in the week 13th to 18th of May.

Duration approx. 30 minutes

Hyaluronic acid (HA) is essential for maintaining moisture, firmness and elasticity of the skin. Due to environmental factors such as exposure to sun, pollution and free radicals as well as the natural aging process, the skin’s natural HA levels decline year after year. Our skin becomes thinner, drier and loses its elasticity. Lines and wrinkles start to appear and the entire harmony of the face changes.

Hyaluronic acid, non-permanent fillers that are injected into specific dermal layers of the skin in order to:

- gently correct wrinkles and folds

- restore volume loss

- increase volume and enhance definition

- sculpt and shape the natural contour of the face

- improve tone and elasticity of the skin

- hydrate, plump and rejuvenate the overall appearance

- Treatments with dermal HA fillers are non-surgical, granting minimal recovery

time and help to ensure immediate, natural-looking results

How does a treatment with HA filler work?

Depending on your skin quality, area to treat and results desired, we will choose the most suitable product from our HA filler range. Treatments with dermal fillers are non-surgical, granting minimal recovery time and ensuring immediate, natural-looking results. The resemblance of naturally occurring HA in the human body and our filler range means no preliminary allergy testing is necessary.

The procedure is quick and easy. The injection itself may only take about 15 to 30 minutes. You will be able to return to your daily activities immediately afterwards. The injections are done with very fine needles and due to the addition of a numbing substance (lidocaine) to our products, the treatments are essentially pain free. Subject to the treated area and your sensitivity, anaesthetic cream or a local anaesthetic injection can be given additionally.

The results of an aesthetic treatment with our HA fillers are long lasting, but not permanent. Depending on the product used, the injection area and your individual dispositions of the skin, the results can last for several months up to years.

Are there any recommendations before and after treatment?

In order to reduce the risk of bruising and bleeding at the injection site, avoid any medications such as anti-coagulants (including fish oil supplements) and anti-inflammatories, that can prolong bleeding, 1-2 weeks before receiving the treatment. After the injection you should not apply any make-up for 12 hours and avoid sunbathing, high temperatures or saunas for one week.

Please bear in mind that – despite its optimal quality and injection technique applied – HA filler may cause some post-treatment discomfort or side effects, which can appear immediately after the injection or after a few days.

There may be mild reddening and swelling at the injection sites, which will normally disappear on their own after a few hours. Apart from light bleeding due to the injection, mild oedemas or erythemas can develop, which can be itchy or painful on pressure. In rare cases, small hematomas, indurations and nodules can form in the treated areas, which will dissipate within a few days. These reactions can last for one week.

An extremely rare complication of HA filler treatment can be a blockage of a blood vessel which needs to be addressed immediately. We will discuss this in detail in our thorough consultation and will provide detailed emergency management instructions.

At Churchill Aesthetics, we have chosen to work with HA fillers from industry leading producers of injectable hyaluronic acid who are applying the highest standards in development, production and product handling in order to guarantee the best quality and safety.

Dermal fillers are classified as a S4 drug in Australia and we are prevented from naming the products we chose to work with in public. We provide full transparency about our products in our consultations and it is a legal requirement that every patient receives a product identification card containing name and production details after every HA filler treatment.

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