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APTOS Eyebrow Lift


The perfect accompaniment to the facial thread lift, a soft eyebrow lift elevates your upper face and opens up your eyes.

As per quote after individual assessment appointment (depending on area to treat and type of threads used)

Duration approx. 1 hour

What is an Eyebrow Thread Lift?

If you are noticing your eyebrows becoming heavier, resulting in a more tired, angry or sad look, an eyebrow lift with APTOS threads could be a non-surgical alternative to a more invasive approach.

The APTOS thread method for eyebrow lifting works on the principle of placing uniquely designed thin threads with patented special soft barbs into the soft tissue of the forehead, extending to the area of the firm tissue layer under the rim of the eyebrows. Once placed, the barbs will anchor to the tissue, resulting in the desired lifting effect. The procedure is preformed under local anaesthesia and takes about 45 minutes. The absorbable material in the APTOS threads will gradually dissolve over approximately 12 months, creating the scaffolding for collagen fibres.

The initial and long term lifting effects of an eyebrow thread lift can vary markedly depending on a combination of factors. The tissue layers to the forehead are rather thin compared to e.g. the mid face region, resulting in a bigger challenge for the barbs to anchor. A vivid mimic muscle activity to the upper face and established heaviness to especially the upper eyelids can have a negative impact on the lifting ability of the threads.

The ideal candidate for APTOS eyebrow thread lift has excellent to moderately firm skin to the forehead and little heaviness to the upper eye lids. If you are suffering from marked laxity of the skin to your upper face and established hooding to your upper eyelids, this soft approach method of eyebrow lifting will not achieve satisfying results for you. In this case, consideration of undergoing surgical procedures is advisable.

At Churchill Aesthetics, we recommend that you undergo a thorough assessment prior to an eyebrow thread lift to confirm that you are a suitable candidate and to discuss risks and benefits involved. To achieve the best possible long and short term lifting effect, we strongly advise to treat the forehead area with botulinum toxin at least two weeks prior to the planned eyebrow thread lift. We have created a specially priced combination offer for this. If you are excited to learn more about an "eye opening" treatment, book a consultation appointment with Dr Dennett today!

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