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APTOS Facial Thread Lift


With time, environmental factors like sun exposure, personal lifestyle choices and natural aging processes can cause changes to especially our facial features. A minimal invasive facial thread lift can be a wonderful answer to counterbalancing signs of ageing and a rewarding step to refine yourself.

As per quote after individual assessment appointment (depending on area to treat and type of threads used)

Duration approx. 1 hour

What is a Facial Thread Lift?

Throughout our lifetime, our body experiences changes caused by natural aging processes, personal lifestyle choices, and the impact of environmental factors, in particular sun exposure. This is especially noticeable to our face where we encounter a loss of collagen and elastin, resulting in our skin becoming thinner and less elastic. We also observe a gradual decline in bony structures to the cheek area and loss of supportive fat pads to the mid-face, causing a marked heaviness to the lower face. Similar changes are also observed when we undergo a significant weight loss. As a consequence, we notice deepening folds next to our nose, our mouth, and formation of heavy jowl tissue. The facial profile becomes a bit more blurred, there is a loss of sharpness and definition. This can result in a "tired" and pre-aged look where the "outside" does not reflect the "inside".

If you are troubled by any of these signs and do not feel that you want to undergo a surgical face lift, but want to look fresher, refined and consequently younger, APTOS thread lift method could be your answer.

Thread lifting is a minimal invasive procedure and is one of the fastest growing cosmetic treatment worldwide. It does not require cutting of the skin, resulting in a procedure time of just 45 to 60 minutes, no scarring, minimal downtime and significant cost savings compared to traditional surgical treatments.

APTOS threads have been used overseas for more than 20 years for face and body lifting, contouring and rejuvenation. They have been available in Australia and New Zealand since 2009 and TGA and ARTG approved. The popularity of APTOS thread lifting methods have rapidly increased worldwide and have won several awards in Europe.

How does Thread Lifting work?

The threads hold a unique design of patented soft barbs. When gently placed into the soft tissue of the area to be lifted, they attach and hold the skin in place, resulting in the desired lifting effect. The absorbable material in the APTOS threads will gradually dissolve over 1.5 to 2 years, creating the scaffolding for collagen fibres Type 1 and uniquely for Type 3 to establish themselves over time. New collagen formation and built-up of elastin will create enhanced skin firmness and supports skin tone, colour, hydration and texture. The desired skin support and lifting effect can be observed for many years to come.

APTOS threads can only be applied by an certified doctor who has completed specialised training. Dr Dennett has undergone one-on-one APTOS training with accredited cosmetic doctors and is ever continuing to refine her skills. Dr Dennett is currently offering APTOS facial thread lifts and eyebrow lifts for suitable clients.

Dr Dennett at the Sydney APTOS training centre

The best candidate for thread lifting is aged between 35-55 years with relatively good skin tone and little sagging. Dr Dennett has treated clients ranging from 25 to 75 years with APTOS thread lifts with beautiful results. It is vital to discuss realistic expectations of what lifting effect might be achievable with this method to avoid disappointment. In case there is too much loose, heavy skin, surgery may be the best option for you. Dr Dennett will advise you accordingly during an initial consult. It is essential to have a consultation prior to any procedure for a thorough assessment.

The benefits of a thread lift can last for several years depending on the area treated and your individual response. It can be combined with a variety of other cosmetic treatments like botulinum toxin, PDO threads or dermal fillers to enhance and prolong the procedure effects. We encourage you to come in for a consult with Dr Dennett for an assessment to find out what APTOS threads could do for you!

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