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PRP-Platelet Rich Plasma Injected


Utilising your very own body powers, PRP heals, rejuvenates, and revitalises your skin, bringing back the natural glow that your body produces from within. Churchill Aesthetics offers you two options to deliver PRP to your skin.

PRP injected : $450 PRP add-on injected (neck/décolletage): $50 per added area Three sessions PRP Injected and one free LED session : $1200 (save $200)

Duration approx. 45 minutes

What is platelet Rich Plasma? (PRP)

Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) is a non-surgical procedure for skin rejuvenation. It is often referred to as "Golden Facial" as it results in leaving your skin with a beautiful glow.

PRP is made up of your own blood plasma with a high density of your own platelets containing growth factors and cytokines. The release of growth factors to the application site activates restoration and remodelling of the dermal tissue, resulting in a boost of collagen production. This leads to enhancement of skin elasticity and texture improving tired/dry skin, uneven pigmentation, wrinkles and dark circles, smoothening of scars and can be beneficial for hair loss, increasing of hair volume and strength.

Approximately 10-20ml of your own blood (autologous tissue) are collected and then separated into it's components by a spinning process in a centrifuge.

The PRP component is injected or needled back into your skin and will be applied topically as a mask to complete the treatment session. As this is autologous tissue, any allergy potential is eliminated.

The procedure takes about 45-60 minutes under application of a topical numbing cream.

PRP is a safe procedure with minimal down-time. Results might be visible over time once the dermal remodelling process has started and it is recommended to have at least 3 treatments 4-6 weeks apart. Results can last as long as 18 months and you should aim for a maintenance treatment at least once every 12 months. More or less sessions might be necessary for some individuals. PRP treatments are an investment towards your future skin!

PRP via direct injection

PRP can be injected directly into areas of concern to face, neck, décolletage, hands or scalp, initiating a revitalisation and stimulation process. ​

The collection and preparation process of the PRP remains the same as described above, ensuring a safe preparation of injectable platelet-rich liquid. After a thorough cleanse of the skin, small deposits of PRP will be placed directly into the skin, possible discomfort is minimal due to the small needle size and in general well tolerated.

The treated areas usually show a mild, temporary swelling and some redness but this settles rather quickly with absorption and integration of the PRP into the skin. A mask of topical PRP liquid will be applied as the final step of your treatment and we advise to avoid washing your face or applying moisturiser or pressure for a few hours afterwards.

PRP treatment activates remodelling processes in your skin, resulting in stimulation of collagen production, enhancing skin texture and elasticity, and all over rejuvenation. Skin is our biggest vital organ and as such it is undergoing constant circles of cell renewal. PRP with it's stimulating qualities will enhance the natural process of refining and improving our skin over time.

PRP is aiming to achieve long term rejuvenation results and initial changes might take a few weeks to be come visible. Individual requirements in regards to number of treatments needed and time between sessions will vary but a general recommendation is 3 treatments 4-6 weeks apart and at least a yearly maintenance session for retaining the rejuvenation effect. What a rewarding way to invest long term into a healthy and more youthful skin!

"Liquid Gold" - freshly prepared platelet rich plasma from the client's own blood

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