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Be gentle on me, baby! - Skincare from 50 on

Updated: Jul 2, 2023

By now, you should have your daily skin care routine well and truly established and you know what is working for you and what isn’t. What we can observe is that as we get older, our skin becomes more sensitive. The word of the hour therefore is: gentle.

Gentle cleanser and exfoliating formulas ensure that your skin will not react in angry redness and inflammation. It is vital that you continue with your rich moisturizers and antioxidants, your anti-ageing retinol and your daily sunscreen (to prevent further from pigmentation, wrinkles and skin cancer). Have regular skin checks (you have hopefully started with them in your 20ies to 30ies!?) as your risk of developing cancerous lesions naturally increases with age.

Bio Remodeller

Easy and convenient ways to boost your blood flow and collagen production in your skin are home treatments like daily dermal roller applications or jade/rose quartz rollers. All wonderful collagen stimulating procedures and skin tightening therapies as mentioned for earlier age groups still have their place but need an honest assessment by a trained cosmetic therapist in regards to effectiveness and value for money from your mid 50ies on. Due to progression in natural skin laxity and loss of underlying structures, surgical solutions might the best option for achieving your desired outcome but it all comes down to realistic expectations what each method can provide.

There is no such thing like: “One fits all”

There is so much value in a focused skin assessment, establishing an early individual care plan and staying focused to address changes in your skincare needs over the years. It is a marathon, not a sprint!

Hope you feel good in your skin!


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