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An eye opener – Skincare in your 40ies

Updated: Jul 2, 2023

Look me in the eyes – and I will tell your age!

At this decade in your life, the fine skin around your eyes signs of ageing will become the most noticeable. You should therefore introduce a dedicated eye cream specifically tailored for the use on the very sensitive skin around our eyes. In general, the big topic for skincare in your 40ies is to step up the potency of your moisturizers and invest in high quality anti-ageing products. Peptide serums and creams (short chain amino acids aka building blocks of our skin) are a must now as well as the daily use of antioxidant formulations (a game changer: ferulic acid) and the anti-ageing hero retinol.

Retinol is a form of Vitamin A with the great ability to reduce fine lines, pigmentation and giving your skin an all over more youthful look. Retinol is often part of combination care products freely available. It is weaker and slower to take effect than Retinoids. These are highly potent Vitamin A formulations requiring a doctor’s prescription. As much as you should avoid heavy or oily moisturizers in your 20ies and 30ies (they can trigger break outs), it is now time to step up in your product choice. In your 40ies, your skin will naturally be dryer and richer moisturizers especially at night are now a must. To prevent from stripping your skin of hydration use gentle cleansers only for your morning and night routine.

Rosacea is an inflammatory skin condition that can affect patients of all age groups but often becomes more noticeable in this life decade when it is frequently mistaken for adult age acne. A tailored treatment approach is vital and often combines topical creams or gels containing an antibiotic (metronidazole, dapsone), antimicrobial creams (ivermectin), oral antibiotics (e.g. doxycycline, erythromycin, clarithromycin) and a gentle moisturiser (azelaic acid). LED light therapy can be of benefit as well. Complex cases need to be treated by a dermatologist to avoid complications.

Anti wrinkle

The 40ies is the decade when signs of natural ageing like sagging skin, increased skin laxity, deeper lines and wrinkles will become more of a topic. Apart from regular facials and collagen stimulating procedures like skin needling, PDO mono threads, laser or radiofrequency therapy in combination with repeated anti-wrinkle and/ or filler injections, it is now the time to consider minimal-invasive aesthetic treatments like facial thread lifting. This can be an effective alternative to surgical face lifts addressing flat cheeks and heaviness to the jowl and jaw area. Though a temporary solution, this can often achieve a remarkably younger and fresher look, turning back the time of ageing for quite some years. Thread lifts often result in nice contouring of jawline and have a lifting effect on the neck as well. If you are annoyed by a double chin due to built up of a fat pocket, you might want to consider a trial of fat dissolving injections (lipolysis).

Hope you feel good in your skin!


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