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Meet us at our Ipswich Clinic

Dr Dennett Ipswich Cosmetic Doctor

Churchill Aesthetics is a doctor-led cosmetic clinic run by long-time Ipswich resident Dr Kristina Dennett. Using only high-quality and TGA approved materials, our aim is to take you on a journey to feeling refreshed and refined. Most importantly: you will find yourself rejuvenated, the outside reflecting how energetic and youthful you feel on the inside. Are you a "Giver", dedicating your time to everyone around you but yourself? We are passionate about accompanying you on your path to self-care!

It is our aim to bring a new level of aesthetic care to Ipswich. We offer anti-wrinkle, dermal filler, skin needling with and without PRP, bio remodelling hybrid dermal filler, PDO mono threads, LED light therapy, and world leading APTOS thread lifting (a non-surgical facelift).

Please follow our Treatment Menu for in-depth information and to find out what we can do for you!

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