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PRP Treatment FAQs

Platelet Rich Plasma better known as PRP is a natural skin rejuvenation therapy that uses your own blood to help improve the quality, texture, and firmness of your skin.

The process of a PRP treatment is simple, a sample of your blood is collected in a tube. The tube is spun in our RegenLab™ centrifuge which separates the platelets suspended in plasma from other blood components.

We then take your nutrient-rich PRP or ‘liquid gold’ and deliver it back into the layers of your skin via direct injection or with a Dermapen™. When these platelets come into contact with collagen in the skin they release growth factors that stimulate the production of collagen. These natural components stimulate collagen production and encourage new skin growth.

  • What is PRP?
    PRP is made up of your own blood plasma with a high density of your own platelets containing growth factors and cytokines. The release of growth factors to the application site activates restoration and remodeling of the dermal tissue, resulting in a boost of collagen production. This leads to enhancement of skin elasticity and texture improving tired/dry skin, uneven pigmentation, wrinkles and dark circles, smoothening of scars and can be beneficial for hair loss, increasing of hair volume and strength.
  • How do you get the plasma from my blood?
    Approximately 10-20ml of your own blood (autologous tissue) is collected. This will be placed in our Regen Lab centrifuge where you blood will be spun, being separated into its components extracting the Plasma from the rest of the blood.
  • How do you put the plasma back?
    The PRP component is injected or needled back into your skin and will be applied topically as a mask to complete the treatment session. As this is autologous tissue, any allergy potential is eliminated. We can also combine PRP with Skin Needling and PDO Mono Threads.
  • How long will it take?
    The procedure takes about 45-60 minutes under application of a topical numbing cream.
  • How long is the downtime?
    PRP is a safe procedure with minimal down-time. The treated areas usually show a mild, temporary swelling and some redness but this settles rather quickly with absorption and integration of the PRP into the skin. A mask of topical PRP liquid will be applied as the final step of your treatment and we advise to avoid washing your face or applying moisturiser or pressure for a few hours afterwards.
  • When should I start to see results?
    Results might be visible over time once the dermal remodeling process has started, and it is recommended to have at least 3 treatments 4-6 weeks apart. Results can last as long as 18 months and you should aim for a maintenance treatment at least once every 12 months. The number of sessions required might vary for some individuals. PRP treatments are an investment towards your future skin!
  • What does it actually do?
    PRP treatment activates remodeling processes in your skin, resulting in stimulation of collagen production, enhancing skin texture and elasticity, and all over rejuvenation. Skin is our biggest vital organ and as such it is undergoing constant circles of cell renewal. PRP with its stimulating qualities will enhance the natural process of refining and improving our skin over time.
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