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Are your ready for a holiday?

Sick of travelling with a multitude of pots and tubes scattered throughout your luggage?

All you need for a perfect getaway is our clever skin care travel pack!


Just take five of our favourite care products in a handy travel size! All pump packs come in a clear satchel so you can keep them tucked in your on-board luggage.


The Travel Pack includes:

Gentle Daily Gel Cleanser 15ml

Vitamin B3 Serum 15ml

Hyaluronic acid & B5 Gel-Cream 15g

Cooling Cream 15g

Coco-lime Body Butter 75g


Don't worry about stressed and dry skin when travelling long distance or through different climate zones. This pack contains everything you need to keep your skin clean and beautifully hydrated. You will be most grateful for especially the light wearing Cooling Cream with its subtle cucumber scent. A life saver on long-distant flights or after a day outdoors with a little bit too much sun!


RECOMMENDED: for all skin types

Travel Pack

GST Included
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