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Time to step up – Skincare in your 30ies

Updated: Jul 2, 2023

Anti wrinkle

Where your skin has been really forgiving in the past, little skincare sins will start to show more immediate consequences. Think again if you are considering going to bed without washing your face or even to skip taking your makeup off as you will run the risk of waking up with a nice break out! Deeper layers of the skin, mainly the collagen and elastin containing dermis, are starting to decline in supportive structures and we are often noticing a tired and dull look where once there was an effortless glow. Skincare needs to focus on removing dry skin cells to prevent a dull look and break outs (best achieved with AHAs) and moisturizing (ceramides, peptides, hyaluronic acid) to maintain a plump skin appearance. If not already a morning routine staple, introduce Vitamin C serum to help preventing pigmentation and at night a Vitamin A product to smoothen fine lines. Now is also a great time to add antioxidant serums to help your skin cell repair. As you have already incorporated sunscreen to your daily skincare regime (see above) you should be a pro in using this in the meantime!

Your 30ies are also a perfect time to start with some baseline cosmetic treatments. There is great benefit to be had from skin needling to stimulate the natural slowdown of collagen production in your skin as well as consideration for some tailored use of anti-wrinkle injections, dermal filler, PDO mono thread placement or laser and radiofrequency therapy to keep your skin looking young and cared for. Adding a daily home treatment with a dermal roller is an easy way to stimulate skin circulation and collagen formation.

Hope you feel good in your skin!


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