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Please note that a consultation is required to assess suitability

APTOS Eyebrow Lift*

APTOS Light Lift

APTOS Excellence Visage

APTOS Excellence Visage Light Lift





*Anti-wrinkle treatment of the forehead area prior to the Eyebrow Lift improves the outcome. If purchased in conjunction with the Eyebrow Lift, we offer anti-wrinkle to the forehead at the reduced rate of $150

APTOS is a world leading non surgical face lift method. Dr Dennett is holds a Master of APTOS and is one of Queensland's leading experts in the APTOS Thread Lift methods.

With time, environmental factors like sun exposure, personal lifestyle choices and natural aging processes can cause changes to especially our facial features. A minimal invasive facial thread lift can be a wonderful answer to counterbalancing signs of ageing and a rewarding step to refine yourself.

All major credit cards, bank transfer and afterpay accepted

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